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Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls

If you are looking for the bedroom ideas for teenage girls, it is usually based on things that they like a lot. For teenage girl, her bedroom is not only the place to sleep. Beyond of its’ function, a teenage girl bedroom could be a place of her to express herself freely and escape from her daily life. When decorating a teen girl’s bedroom, it is suggested to consider making it fit for a princess. It is the place that is shown how she spends the time grows up. Commonly the popular colors and theme of teenage girls’ room are pink, blue or purple. Those color could be combined into one even could be added with other colors.

It would be difficult to manage teenage girl stuffs, since their favorite things must be diverse and do not in line with one another. However, planning idea is needed. Teenage girl bedroom ideas should include functions specific to their age, as well as look great.
Like can be seen on the picture above, the choosing of the bright color like blue, white and pink could bring a cheerful effect to the bedroom itself. The combination of striped black and white coverlet is also a good choice. To make a girl feels like a princess the choosing of white queen bed could be the best option. The addition of high headboard could help in giving princess atmosphere. Also, a pair of shade bedside lamps will give a girly touching to the bedroom. Do not forget to put white dressing desk with the mirror and also mirroring wardrobe since we know that teenage girls like to spend their time in front of the mirror. Furnishing the room by adding some paintings on the wall could lighten up the mood. Also, as the last furnishing, rug and self-sofa could be added.

It would be quite difficult for someone to find the bedroom ideas for young adults. Young adult is the transition period between teenage period and adulthood. When people were in teenage period, they had their own style in expressing their personalities in their bedroom while when they had reached the age of young adults they have to consider changing the room and giving more mature effect to the room. It does not mean that they have to change the whole things inside the bedroom. Using stuffs from their teenage period could be used as bedroom ideas for young adults. Regardless as the place to express themselves, a young adult bedroom is likely to be used for studying and reading as they get older, so a dedicated study area is a must

Young adult period is also a period where someone could spend their times mostly with their friends, so making a welcoming effect by giving the space for receiving guests like pictured above could be considered. The clean lines in designing the room is showing the mature side while in showing a young effect someone could choose some bright color to brighten up the mood of the room. If a teenage room seems to be a messy room, young adult bedroom is supposed to well-managed. Putting the book orderly in bookshelf is showing how a teenager had transformed into more mature. Since the room as picture above is having a large space, putting the work space separated from the social place to receive guests is a great idea. It would help someone to keep things saved tidy.

As already explained before, in changing the room of a teenager into a young adult bedroom does not mean that all of stuffs from teenager period should be thrown away. As pictured above, the touching of hanging pictures on the wall, small teenagers’ knick knacks on bookshelf also full colors striped rug could bring energy to the room itself. As long as the room is managed as the function of each stuffs, the room could be useful for a young adult.