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Dark Blue Bedroom Ideas

According to some psychiatrists, room colors could affect moods, feelings and also emotions of someone since for some people the feelings about color are rooted in our own experience or culture. Beside that, sometimes color is also the reflection of your personality. That is why in decorating our most private and personal room, you need to choose the color wisely and correctly. Since most of our time is spend in our bedroom, simply decorating the bedroom to make it looks beautiful is a thing needed..

Thing mostly considered before designing your bedroom is choosing bedroom color. Bedroom color is related to the owner moods. Colors can change the entire surrounding. For some people who want their bedroom to have a calming environment, blue is recommended. However, there are big differences between dark blue and also light blue. If light blue is considered as calming, healing, soothing, and relaxing color since it represents the color of water, blue has the opposite effect. It is evoking feelings of sadness. If light blue also could help you to make your bedroom brighter, dark blue will make your room becomes darker. However, if you still want to use dark blue as the color of your bedroom, picture above shows how to outsmart the using of dark blue.

Since blue is considered of the color of sea, you could creatively attach some sea animal stickers on your walls. Do not be afraid in combining the color of your stickers and dark blue as the base color. Colorful stickers will help you to change the effect of sadness got from dark blue into a joy effect. Also, you could use other color like white as a neutral color to brighten up the space of your room. White could give a calming effect like light blue does so you could choose white as the color of your bedroom furniture.

Beautiful and enjoyable bedroom is a thing that everyone needs after having a full-day working. It could be the best place for someone in reducing their stress and bringing back their good mood. No wonder many people will look for the best idea to transform their bedroom into a cozy room. Due to that thing, choosing bedroom decorating ideas is important in order to have an enjoyable bedroom. When someone is capable in finding bedroom decorating ideas, changing an ordinary bedroom into a cozy bedroom to be lived is an easy thing to do. Also, a smart decorating idea will help you to feel restful. However, in finding the decorating ideas, you could also look for some references and choose the best that you like.

Picture above could be used as one of the decorating bedroom ideas. As you could see on picture above, dealing with small spaces in a bedroom would not limit someone to transform his or her bedroom into a beautiful and restful place. Easy thing that could be done to decorate your bedroom is creatively putting some knick knacks in your room. As shown on the picture, you could combine the lamps and sticker attached on the walls into a beautiful d├ęcor in your bedroom. Plant sticker is also a good choice in bringing a calming effect to the room changing the function of the real plants.

In painting the wall, it is suggested in choosing neutral and light color like picture shown. It will be helpful in matching the color for the furniture. Since have to deal with space issue, make sure that you could manage well the putting of the furniture. Do not need to put a lot of furniture but put necessary things in your bedroom. As a final touching in your large room, you could hang a picture on your wall to make your room looks more beautiful.