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Gray and White Bedroom Ideas

Most of our time is spend in our bedroom. It should be simply beautiful decorated. By putting some small efforts we can result a lovely peaceful bedroom. Thing mostly considered before designing your bedroom is choosing bedroom color. Bedroom color is related to the owner moods. Colors can change the entire surrounding. The reason why bedroom color and moods are related is the each color will bring different environment of the bedroom itself.

Color is also the reflection of your personality. It affects us every day we spend our time seeing the color. It can influence our moods and also thoughts. For example like bright color will help you to brighten up the space in small bedroom. Choosing the right bedroom color will also have a major impact on the quality and quantity of your sleep. In the meaning of colors, grey is conservative, boring, drab and depressing on the one hand and elegant and formal on the other, yet never glamorous. Too much of the color gray creates sadness and depression and a tendency to loneliness and isolation.

As pictured above, grey could not be used as the whole color in a bedroom. There should be other color added. If we have chosen grey as the color of the wall and rug, it would be better to paint the window with white as a neutral color to make the room brighter. White will help the outer lighting to make the room has a natural effect. Also, we could use white for the curtain and bedding colors. White also will be helpful in brighten up the space of the room. Also, adding some knick knacks like white hanging accessories and a vase of flowers could make the room looks more beautiful. To make your room looks cozier it is suggested also to paint the ceiling of the room with white color. It will help to brighten up the mood in the room.

A master bedroom is often considered as spaces which are large enough to include more than common furniture in a bedroom like a standard bed, dresser, and chest of drawers. It often includes a small conversation area for receiving guests, or a sofa or seat that is ideal for taking a nap or reading a book. In many houses, the master bedroom will include additional closet space. No wonder it is usually considered as the largest bedroom in a house and occupied by a person who serves as the head of a household.

As pictured above, a master bedroom bed usually designed as beautiful as a hotel room looks like. In designing the bed, it is common to use warm color like brown to make a welcoming effect to the room. While to make the bed looks cozier, it would be better to use a pillowed head board for the bed. Beside making the bed more comfortable, it is also giving a nice touching of the bed itself. Also, in designing a master bedroom bed, using white coverlet is a good idea to match the color with the whole theme of the room. To make sure your first step in the morning after waking up is comforting and cushy, put a rug colored matched with the coverlet of your bed.

Since a master bedroom could be considered as the main room in a house, putting a double bed with headboard is a common thing to design a master bedroom. Earthy colored bedframe will make your master bedroom looks more elegant with patterned wallpaper. A pair of drawers in a master bedroom is not only functioned as storage but also as a beautiful touching of the room. In choosing the lighting, a master bedroom tends to have a pair of bedside lamp rather than a hanging lamp since it would help to minimize the use of spaces in the bedroom.