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Living Room Decorating Ideas

Welcome to the luxurious living room space. This living room has brown color dominate the entire space, and gold lighting touch. The living room decorate with some classic funitures. Let’s go to the seat area. It has a big white sofa stand next to the wall. It is comfortable army sofa. There are some pillows on the sofa. They have brown color and look artistic with the motifs. There are two army chairs set across the sofa. They have brown color and wooden pattern. Both look elegant with a small pillow. those army chairs separated by a small tree in the center.

There are three tables decorate the living room. one flat table could be found in front of the sofa. Make it look beautiful with a pot of white flowers. The other table are in the left and the right side of the sofa. Decorate the table with some small plants and accessories like alarm clock, picture frame, or candles. The perfect touch on the table is the stand lamp. That is small stand lamp that can be place on the tables. On the table has a small drawer inside that look good as a storage.

Decorating the wallpaper with some artistic pictures. It can be a big or as small pictures. But this room has three big painting picture that look very artistic. One big picture stick on the wall right under the sofa. Some pictures stick on the other wall space. Both has some space that separate each other. Most of the picture in this room is ceramics jar picture with different accent and color.
On the white ceiling there is only one bubble lamp. It has gold circle around the white lamp. That look very elegant as the lighting system in the luxurious living room.

I have no idea to describe this luxurious living room design. This living room is about simple, minimalist, but very elegant. The lighting system in this living room is completely perfect. There are a lot of lamps hidden on the ceiling space. One big circle lamp in the center position is an artistic touch on the ceiling. The ceiling itself has a beautiful shape and the white color make it look brighter.
Going to the floor, we have ceramics floor texture. there is a square carpet on the floor. It has grey and white color, and a little bit gold circle motifs on the edge.

There are two stools, one army chairs. And one big sofa on the carpet. The stools have white and grey color. The sofa has a white color. There are two pillows with orange color that stand on the sofa. One army chair is in the left side of a the sofa. The army chair look very comfortable and it has soft fabric texture. There is a black square table in front of the seat. The table is as high as the the stool. There are some accessories on the table like ceramics pot and table to place some flowers. In the corner side, there is a stand lamp that look gorgeous on gold light color. Beside the lamp is a small plant. This plant give a fresh air circulation in the living room.

As the entertaining furniture in this living room, a big plasma tv stick on the wall in front of the seat area. This television has a luxurious design on black screen and silver frame colors. There is a small storage under the tv, it is only has one small accessories on it. A black speaker stand close to the television. That is a luxurious entertaining tools in the living room.