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Living Room Furniture Design

Welcome back to the great living room design ideas. This time is another living room design picture for your inspiration.
It is a large living room space where you can easily put some furnitures. First furniture in this living room is a big wooden cabinet on the wall. It has some shelf’s where you can organized your stuff on it such as books, novels, magazines, picture frame, stand lamp, ceramics jar, and many more. There is one big television in the center position. it is a luxurious tv design. Right under the television there is a long storage for saving a small stuff like remote control, or joystick. The wooden cabinet look match on the floor. The floor has wooden pattern materials. At the nook of the living room there is two ceramics furniture with some brown woods.

There is a big black sofa in this living room. it has a curve shape and some black bottles on it. Take a look at the table, it is an elegant black table. Some small accessories like glasses, jar and candles look good on that table. A grey carpet under the table look cozy. It has soft thick leather materials. It shape is square. A big window in this living room bring you to the magnificent view of the nature outside. It has a transparent glasses. It is good to get natural lighting system. white transparent curtain covered the window. This is a long curtain that fall through the wall side.

There are some hidden lamps on the plafont. The plafont use white color that make it look larger. The big space in this living room could give a better air circulation for you when you are staying over. The furnitures inside the living room is not that much. It look simple but elegant. Get the idea of living room furniture design here. First design is a natural furniture design. You can find so many kind of natural furniture from wood materials. A flat wood table is a good option. This table has flat square shape. It is a low table to set in front of the sofa. It contains some drawers. This one is good to set as main table. The other furniture is a high table where you can stand your television. It contains small space to store the remote control, some CDs or DVD player.

A big wood rack could help you organize the accessories in the living room. you may also find a wooden stools to complete the natural furniture design. Next is classic furniture design. Most of the classic furniture use an elegant brown color. the brown elegant sofa is the first furniture you can set in the center of the living room. it can catch the eye at first you enter the living room. this sofa has a circle shape on the arm that make it more elegant. Combine the sofa with a glasses table. The table has a brown color on the frame. Stand the table on the soft fur carpet. Look so classic and elegant.

The last option is simple furniture design. This time a simple sofa texture is the great idea. Get the sofa in white color. Combine the sofa with some white pillows so it will be very comfortable. Flat low table is good to set in front of the sofa. The table is in brown color and it has a small space to store your books. Get two gold jar as the glamour touch in that simple table. Stand the table on the white soft fur carpet. The carpet shape should be bigger than the table. They will look very simple and gorgeous at once.